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  • Having Fred Sosinsky represent me during my legal tribulations was the best decision I ever made. With his extensive experience, he was able to successfully handle my case to the point in which I got a full dismissal of all felony and misdemeanor charges. Even before dealing with my extensive charges, he successfully placated issues the court was having with…Read More >>

    - Dylan S
  • My brother-in-law is from Brazil and was falsely accused of a crime while on a visit to New York. After the court date was scheduled, he returned home and needed an attorney to manage his case here in the U.S. We reached out to Mr. Sosinsky and after reviewing the case, he explained to me how he could likely have…Read More >>

    - Joe V
  • As a client of the firm, I can attest to the highest levels of quality and expertise that I received through some very difficult years. The firm has helped me navigate through the charges of fraud (federal case) from day one. In addition to the extremely accurate and good legal advice that I received (thanks to which, I was not…Read More >>

    - John D
  • Frederick L. Sosinsky is responsible, clear and concerned about his client’s issues, time and money. I approached him as I was been wrongfully accused of a criminal charge (naive + wrong place, wrong time) that would have ruined my otherwise impeccable record, which could potentially destroy all my professional aspirations. Unlike other lawyers I had interviewed for the case, he…Read More >>

    - Jess A
  • I was entangled in a very serious legal accusation. Enter Fred Sosinsky. I had never been involved in the legal system prior to this. I faced 3 serious felonies and a damning misdemeanor with the possibility of significant jail time. Fred walked me through the entire process and was there with me and my family every step of the way.…Read More >>

    - Paul L

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