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Can criminal domestic violence be a cause for divorce

Domestic violence is a huge concern in NYC. Millions of people across the USA are victims of domestic violence, literally every single year. The overwhelming number of these people are women. Domestic violence can have a huge impact, not only on your children, but also all of your other work place relationships you have. In general, domestic violence can destroy your life. Many studies have shown that domestic violence happens in 2/3 of all marriages across the USA. Over 90% of the victims are women. Many children are abused, or witness the abuse of a parent, and then perpetuate the cycle by becoming abusive later in life.

One frequently asked question, is whether domestic violence is grounds for divorce. The answer, according to NYC divorce lawyer Todd Spodek, is YES – it can. Violence is a threat, and therefore only is divorce a possibility, but also criminal charges are possible. If your spouse is being violent, you have the right to take steps to protect yourself, and your children. While often, people use infidelity, or some other clause to break a marriage — domestic violence is a very possible reason, and one that gains the sympathy of the court. If appropriate, you should never shy away from mentioning domestic violence to your NYC divorce lawyer. If your spouse has not been convicted of domestic violence – you should bring up evidence in the divorce proceedings. If you’ve gotten a protective order, this can be used as evidence to prove your point.

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