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Civil Investigative Demand Lawyers

A civil investigative demand, commonly known as a CID, is a tool used by various government agencies to collect information about an ongoing inquiry. If you have received a CID, you may have no idea on how best to respond. Here is all you need to know about the nature CIDs and what your best course of action should be when you get one.

What is a Civil Investigative Demand?

In a typical civil suit between a government agency and a private entity suspected to have committed a civil wrong, parties use ordinary discovery methods to prepare their cases. These include subpoenas, which require parties to provide their opponent with certain information.

However, before a government agency has commenced a civil suit, it can use a CID to get information from entities under investigation. The investigation can target an institution suspected of committing medical insurance fraud, false claims, or anti-trust violations. Since a CID is issued before a civil case commences, many of the protections offered in civil litigation are unavailable with a CID.

The investigating authority can demand information in the form of documents, sworn testimony, interrogations, or a combination of these.

If you have received a CID, you should take it very seriously. A CID typically means that your business is under investigation for a civil violation. On other occasions, you can receive a CID if the government agency believes that you have relevant information about an investigation. For instance, you may be in business with another entity that is under investigation, and the CID could require that you testify against the organization.

Civil Investigative Demand Lawyers
When you receive a CID, you must act promptly to shield your business from any harm due to a government investigation and possible prosecution. The first thing you ought to do is to contact a civil investigative demand lawyer.

It would help if you looked for a lawyer who deals with cases that are similar to yours. For instance, if the CID you received was issued by a federal agency, look for a lawyer who is familiar with federal, not just state, laws. If you can find an attorney who frequently deals with the specific agency that is investigating your business, by all means, go ahead and hire them.

The first thing your attorney will do is negotiate with the agency to extend the deadlines for filing an initial response. This will give the lawyer enough time to understand the case and come up with the best course of action.

The lawyer will also help you decide which obligations you should fulfill first. Typically, these will be the obligations that are not too time-consuming or energy-intensive. Initial cooperation with the authority can be an asset for you. It gives the impression that you have nothing to hide. It can also help you win your case in the long run.

Your legal counsel will then help with the collection of the relevant documents. Using their experience in dealing with CID matters, the lawyer will help you determine which documents you can present to the agency without exposing your business to unnecessary risk. The last thing you want is to incriminate yourself unknowingly and turn a bad situation into a terrible one.

Finally, the attorney will help you create a winning defense plan. As long as you are under investigation, it always helps to assume that it will end in a lawsuit and hence prepare accordingly. That way, you get a head start in the upcoming civil trial.

Your lawyer will help you strategize on how best to defend your business against the government agency. This can help save your business from hefty civil penalties.


If you have received a CID, you cannot afford to ignore it. The wise thing to do is to contact an attorney at the earliest opportunity. They can help guide you through the complex process of responding appropriately to the demand.

A good CID lawyer will also help you prepare a defense plan in case you get sued. Their familiarity with your case will come in handy when it comes to defending your business against a government agency.

Receiving a CID can be a frightening experience, but you can take charge by hiring an experienced attorney. Their skills, knowledge, and familiarity with the law will serve you well during such a time.


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