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Compound Pharmacy Investigations Lawyers

Compounding pharmacy involves setting the ground on custom medications or drugs that are not available commercially. A compound pharmacy is there for patients with special medical needs.

Thus, compounding pharmacies provide alternative remedies by offering different drug dosages. They can also introduce alternative forms of drugs without ingredients that would trigger allergic reactions.

They can also modify a particular treatment for easier consumption. For example, a flavor may be added to children’s medication or change the form of the drug. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before switching to any compounded medication.

As a result of the drugs addressing special conditions, it makes them a favorable option for unique patients. There is a need to control how these drugs and medications are dispensed to guarantee user safety.

Therefore, those in the compound pharmacy business may face legal charges such as compound pharmacy fraud. The charges will call for compound pharmacy investigations. Some offenses considered as compound pharmacy fraud include:

• Giving kickbacks to referrals from medical practitioners
• Making drugs that are the same as those available commercially
• Mass compounding
• Overcharging compound drugs and medication
• Unnecessary charging of certain pharmaceutical products
• Facilitating prevalent refilling of compound medication

Thus, when a relevant business faces threats from compound pharmacy investigations or charges, it would be wise to lawyer up. There are various government agencies in charge of conducting compound pharmacy investigations, and they include:

• Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
• Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
• Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
• Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

There are various indications that compound pharmacy investigations are imminent and hire an attorney. The factors that indicate an investigation include:
• A letter of medical audit
• A subpoena
• A target letter is sent to your business
• Agents or investigators from the related government agency coming to interview you
• Indictment
• Rumors of compound pharmacy investigations

When under compound pharmacy investigations, the business will be requested to submit a few documents. These documents may include financial records, physician and marketing agreements, as well as other relevant business documents.

Hiring a compound pharmacy investigations lawyer will have essential benefits. Here are some excellent reasons to hire the services of the attorney.

Avoid Criminal Charges

The pharmaceutical business may face inappropriate investigations from government agencies. Thus, the attorney may help to pause the investigations and allow time to gather all facts. The facts enable the compound investigations lawyer to evaluate the case and make a presentation. The attorney can help the business to clear its name and avoid facing any charges.

Understand Laws

With the help of the compound pharmacy investigations attorney, you can access the knowledge of pharmaceutical laws. You will understand that you may be charged with falsifying claims in an attempt to justify a false claim.

The attorney will also help you through the whole process in case you are found guilty of committing compound pharmacy fraud. They will take you through the trial and explain to you about your situation. This way, you can plan on your next move and try to prove your case.

The attorney will also provide expertise when you have a looming investigation. The lawyer will determine the grounds of the investigation and help you avoid facing an audit.


The attorney has probably dealt with several compound pharmacy fraud cases. Thus, you can know about the next approach for your business. The compound pharmacy investigations attorney will provide the necessary expertise to maneuver the investigations and keep your license.

The attorney also has an in-depth knowledge of the law and will help you come to terms with the charges. The attorney is there to explain to you what is happening and provide legal advice. The compound pharmacy attorney will also help with other legal agreements to avoid fraud allegations. The lawyers have a comprehension of convoluted healthcare rules to protect you against unjust claims.

Hiring a compound pharmacy investigations attorney is achievable by considering a few elements. Consider whether there are other extensive services offered by the attorney. Thus, you can learn of more ways through which the lawyer can assist the pharmacy.

You can avoid being the victim of criminal investigations that would ruin the business reputation. The compound pharmacy investigations lawyer will help prevent simple errors from ruining a whole career.


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