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Federal Conspiracy Charges 

How Do Federal Conspiracy Charges Work?

If you or someone you love is dealing with federal conspiracy charges, you are not alone. Federal conspiracy is one of the most commonly faced federal charges. Prosecutors frequently bring these charges for strategic purposes.  Such a charge gives them the ability to introduce a larger body of evidence that makes it easier to lock down convictions. They can employ this tactic in a multitude of different kinds of cases, including drug cases, violent crime cases,  fraud cases and many others. The dilemma that this approach creates is that many people who are allegedly involved in minor ways get dragged into a case and can end up being punished very harshly. If you’re looking at federal conspiracy charges, a skilled federal attorney can help you prove your innocence and/or earn you the result possible. 

Federal Conspiracy: A Deeper Understanding

The crime of conspiracy is a broad charge that can be tricky to defend against. In the most elementary terms, conspiracy means that you planned to commit a crime and then you took steps towards implementing that plan, although you never actually did anything illegal. It entails two or more individuals forming an agreement to commit a federal offense, and one of the individuals committing an act to further the conspiracy. There does not need to be a written agreement or any actual interaction whatsoever.  All that is required is simply the evidence that two or more people have been working together in some manner to later commit a crime. The statute that details this crime states that it is illegal to conspire to defraud the United States of America, and also to conspire to breach any federal law. Due to the vague nature of this charge, the government frequently deploys it as a means of netting many different illegal behaviors.

The Danger of Conspiracy Charges

One of the biggest flaws with conspiracy charges is that the two people conspiring together are subject to the same sentence, regardless of their personal level of involvement in the crime. For example, a person who played a very small role may receive the same punishment as a person who played a very large part in the illegal activity. This is a common dilemma in drug cases, where defendants may be subject to a mandatory minimum for all of the drugs involved. If you got caught up in conspiracy charges, it’s critical that you enlist a skilled defense attorney as fast as possible. He or she will review the files and facts of your case and develop a workable strategy. The faster you can get connected with a qualified defense lawyer, the better your chances of mitigating your exposure to the consequences of these charges. 

Defending Against Conspiracy Charges

It’s important to know what evidence the government has on you, and what role they think you played in the conspiracy. This information can be difficult to uncover, nevertheless.  It often requires creativity and dedication of an attorney with a great deal of experience in this area.

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