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Federal Kidnapping Charges

If you or a loved one is looking at federal kidnapping charges, then you really need to contact a skilled federal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Kidnapping charges are rather serious.  A conviction on such charges may result in huge fines, many years of jail time, or both. If you wish to protect your future, you should get in touch with an experienced federal kidnapping attorney as soon as possible. 

Federal Kidnapping Charges: A Deeper Understanding

Understanding the charges you’re looking at is the first step in taking control of your future. Gaining knowledge of some commonly used terminology and the trial process will take away some of the mystery, minimizing the confusion that customarily accompanies criminal charges. 

Both federal and state law recognizes kidnapping as taking a person from one location to another without his or her consent or confining an individual to a controlled space in a way that they cannot leave freely. In some states, the act can only be considered kidnapping if the taking or confining was for an unlawful purpose. Under some circumstances, parents may also be charged with kidnapping if they do not have legal custody rights to their children. Kidnapping is an egregious felony offense and may be punished by 20 or more years behind bars, depending on the defendant’s prior criminal record and the details of the case. Parental kidnapping is dealt with differently.  A conviction on such a charge may result in up to three years in prison.

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