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Healthcare Defence DOL investigations lawyers

Department of Labour investigations can have serious consequences on a business. One of the biggest effects is a damaged reputation.

Your business is likely to lose partners as well as clients the moment they find out that you are being investigated for healthcare fraud.

The good news is that there are several law firms that have extensive experience in representing companies or employers dealing with issues related to the Department of Labour (DOL). The issues can range from working hours violation to healthcare fraud.

Who are the main targets of DOL investigations?

There are several reasons as to why healthcare DOL investigations can be launched against your company.

However, the most common forms of the Department of Labor investigations include the following:

• Complaints from former patients
• Complaints from former employees
• Suspicious or inflated bills for healthcare and other services or products
• If there’s another related DOL investigation

Penalties for healthcare DOL charges

DOL and healthcare fraud are considered serious crimes that can attract harsh penalties. The type of penalty depends on the crime committed.

Civil penalties

For civil penalties, the federal government may require the accused to pay the amount of money lost through the False Claims Act. The government will in most cases request for the difference in what was paid or charged to the healthcare provider and the right amount that should have been paid.

Criminal penalties

DOL program fraud and healthcare fraud can also be treated as criminal felonies by the federal government. In this case, prosecutors from the federal government will try to indict all the people responsible for the fraudulent activity in the company under the United States Code. (USC).

How to tell if your case is criminal or civil

One of the most important things in healthcare defense DOL investigations is to determine if the case is civil or criminal. Department of Labor cases can take any direction since government lawyers are categorized into civil and criminal prosecutors.

The investigators from the Department of Labor will look into your case and present it to the office of the department of justice before deciding whether to proceed with it or not. If the prosecutor finds a reason or more to charge you, then you will be informed through a letter or phone call.

What should you do if you are informed that you are being investigated for healthcare fraud?

The best thing to do once you learn about the investigations is to contact your lawyer. Your lawyer will advise on the appropriate steps to take.

The other thing you should do is to book an appointment with the Department of Labor officials and try to find out why you are being investigated.

A good and experienced defense lawyer will be able to find out why your business is under the federal government’s radar. They will know how to interpret various clauses and determine if the reasons you are being investigated are genuine or not.

Besides, understanding the reason for the investigations will assist your lawyer to come up with a strong defense strategy.

Examples of services offered by Healthcare Defense DOL investigations lawyers:

• Communicating with investigators about the case on your behalf
• Taking care of all aspects of the Department of Labor investigations
• Ensuring you are updated on every step of the case
• Responding to investigators whenever they request for information such as documents and any other evidence
• Working to ensure that the case is not delayed
• Advising the client on the possible charges or penalties that can be imposed if the case is ruled otherwise by the judge.
• Appealing the case if you are not satisfied with the verdict

In general, the Department of Labour (DOL) and healthcare fraud cases can be complex and time-consuming. They can also negatively affect the reputation of your company – if you don’t take appropriate steps in advance.

As soon as you learn that you are being investigated on healthcare fraud charges, the best thing to do is to contact an experienced defense lawyer.


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