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Healthcare Defense Defending Medicare Fraud Lawyers

If you are a doctor or other healthcare provider and find yourself facing allegations and perhaps criminal charges associated with Medicare fraud, your immediate situation is very serious. Along with damage to your professional reputation, you may also be facing fines, prison time, and the loss of your license to practice medicine. Since these cases are very complex and often involve defendants who failed to realize they were doing anything wrong along the way, always seek out experienced healthcare defense lawyers who specialize in these cases.

Fraudulent Billing
In the vast majority of Medicare fraud cases, the main focus of prosecutors is on billing for services that is deemed to be fraudulent. Whether the billing is for services that were not needed or were never performed on patients, prosecutors will look very hard at what has possibly transpired. Along with questions about various medical services, pharmacy fraud may be alleged if investigators believe Medicare was charged for name-brand medications when in fact generic medications were used. Also, should investigators believe more codes were billed for than were actually associated with a diagnosis or treatment, upcoding allegations may also be included.

Building Your Defense
Once allegations or charges of Medicare fraud are brought against you, do not procrastinate. In these cases, investigators and prosecutors will attempt to move quickly to secure evidence, bring charges against you, and gain a conviction. To keep this from happening and putting an end to your medical career, always hire the services of a knowledgeable healthcare defense attorney immediately. Once you do, they can get to work building your defense. This can include having you provide copies of all financial records associated with Medicare payments you have received, as well as witness statements saying no Medicare fraud occurred in your office. Also, if there were workers in your office who committed Medicare fraud without your knowledge, make sure appropriate disciplinary and legal actions are taken against them. By taking these steps, your healthcare defense attorney may be able to work out a plea deal with prosecutors or possibly have the charges against you dismissed.

Rely on an Experienced Attorney
In any type of healthcare case where Medicare fraud is alleged to have taken place, never believe you can trust your legal fate to simply the first attorney you meet with or find online. Instead, you should always seek out an experienced attorney who has a verifiable track record of success winning these cases for their clients. This will be critical, since an important component of these cases involves your attorney being able to file motions and prepare letters and other documents defending your actions in the matter. Also, since these cases are usually handled by state and sometimes federal authorities, you will need an attorney who is comfortable handling negotiations with various agencies. Through continued negotiations, your attorney may be able to make your legal path moving forward much easier.

An Innocent Mistake
While there are many cases where Medicare fraud is done intentionally by doctors or their office staff, there are just as many if not more cases where Medicare fraud is simply the result of innocent mistakes being made within the office. Since Medicare rules and regulations are among the most complex within the federal government, they are constantly changing from year to year. As a result, it becomes very difficult for doctors, other healthcare providers, and office staff to keep up with the changes. Thus, if a rule is changed but the doctor or office staff continues using billing practices that are no longer acceptable, the result can be Medicare fraud. However, even if you explain this to investigators, do not assume they will not move forward with pressing charges against you. Instead, align yourself with healthcare defense attorneys who can explain the legal process to you, discuss what options may be available, and plan a defense strategy that will result in a favorable outcome.

Since you worked very hard to obtain your medical license and establish yourself as a respected healthcare professional in your community, don’t let Medicare fraud allegations derail your career and personal life. Instead, consult as soon as possible with healthcare defense lawyers who regularly handle Medicare fraud cases.


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