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New York Sales Tax Audit Defense Lawyers

The goal of a sales tax audit is to determine whether the taxpayer is paying the correct amount of sales tax to the state. This audit is used to promote compliance with the state tax laws, and it’s a method of increasing in revenue.

Most companies will eventually undergo a sales, and use tax audit. Most auditors are professional, and friendly, but don’t confuse this for them being your friend. Their goal is to issue a substantial sales and use tax assessments in order to increase the state revenue.

sales tax auditors often think that businesses cheat, or at least try to skirt the sales tax laws. They begin most audits with the assumption of determining how much the business owes —- not whether or not the business owes anything.

Our firm can help

We help insure that gray areas in sales tax laws do not hurt you. We defend you against the sales tax auditor making unfair assumptions, or making errors that hurt your business.

It’s wrong for the government to excessively tax a business.

We make sure it doesn’t happen.




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