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NY Voluntary Disclosure Lawyers

The New York voluntary disclosure and compliance program lets taxpapyers, who are eligible, to disclose – voluntarily, to New York state – tax liabilities which are not known to the tax department. The taxpayer participating in the program has to file any required returns, or reports, and execute a compliance agreement with the tax department.

Under the terms of this compliance agreement, you must pay the underreported tax liability, and interest, in full, and agree to comply with New York state tax law in the future. As long as you comply with the terms of the compliance agreement, the department will waive any penalties associated with the newly disclosed tax liability – and will not subject you to criminal tax prosecution in NYS for the conduct disclosed.

Our New York Voluntary Disclosure Lawyers Can Help

We help taxpayers who are not in compliance with past tax periods, in order to help you clear up tax problems. There are many examples of noncompliance, like failure to file tax returns, errors, ommissions, or federal changes which require changes to NY state tax returns.

The State Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance program helps qualified taxpayers, not yet contacted by the state, with specific tax types and periods being disclosed. This program mainly applies to people who don’t have an active state investigation into their matter.

Most tax types are eligible.

If the state accepts your application, you must file and pay the tax + interest for the relevant period. All penalties are waived.

As an added incentive, the taxpayer can qualify for a 3 year limited look back period, and protection from criminal referral.

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