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NYC Federal Charges Lawyers

The Spodek Law Group is a premier and top rated law firm for handling tough, federal crimes. Virtually everyone knows that federal crimes shouldn’t be taken lightly. Federal crimes typically involve one or more federal agencies, all of whom are working in tandem to investigate you for a federal crime. There are a wide array of offenses that are actively investigated and prosecuted by the Eastern and Southern District of New York.

Federal rules of criminal procedures, and processes, are very different than state courts. We highly recommend you speak to a federal lawyer when you face criminal accusations.

Why you need a NYC federal criminal attorney

The federal government has immense resources to prosecute you. It’s critical you hire a law firm that understands how the government will try to come after you, and how to counteract this – and build a credible defense. Bottom line, at Spodek Law Group, we are federal criminal attorneys who have experience handling TOUGH situations. We conduct a thorough investigation to determine possible defenses, and in order to create possible reasonable doubt in the case against you. Our goal is to get THE BEST outcome for you and your family. It’s imperative that you contact an aggressive federal criminal attorney if you’re being charged with a crime.

Types of Federal Crimes

The U.S. penal code contains lots of information in it, about many different federal crimes. Many of the crimes have to do with allegations of wrongdoing done across state lines. This can cover a lot of different things, such as child pornography sent across state lines, wire fraud, and more.

Examples of offenses related to federal charges include, but are not limited to:

  • drugs
  • financial crimes
  • pornography
  • weapons
  • terrorism
  • kidnapping
  • financial crimes
  • and more

One of the most common federal charges is conspiracy. If you’re accused of acting in tandem with others to commit crimes illegal under federal law, you are likely to face conspiracy charges.

Agencies that might be investigating you

Federal crimes are complicated, and the agencies that are tasked with investigating them are tough. Below are the agencies that might be investigating you, as we speak:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • SEC
  • ICE
  • EPA
  • IRS
  • ATF

Each agency is tasked with enforcing certain laws. People charged with crimes face significant challenges navigating the nature of their alleged crime, and defending themselves. Many federal offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences which mean the accused, if convicted, will face minimum prison time – regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

There are options, if you act quickly. Hiring your own Federal lawyer is one step. The sooner you hire a NYC federal lawyer, the better chances of you getting a positive outcome.

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