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Selling or Buying of Children Attorney

Selling or buying of children is an egregious federal sex offense that can land anyone convicted of the crime behind bars for life. Persons who are accused of selling or buying children need to get in touch with an experienced federal defense attorney as quickly as possible and begin fighting for justice.

Human Trafficking Attorneys

Although there are many offenses that pertain to selling and buying children in various contexts, including unlawful surrogacy and adoption, in this specific context the law deals only with the selling and buying of children for the commission of sex offenses. If you get accused of such an egregious felony offense, you must work with an experienced human trafficking lawyer who knows what is necessary to defend clients in federal sex crime matters. 

18 U.S.C. 2251A: Selling or Buying of Children

Pursuant to federal sex crime legislation, selling or buying children is a serious offense. You can face the charge of selling or buying children if you are a parent, legal guardian, or otherwise in custody of a minor child and if you then transfer control or custody of the child knowing that he or she will be used in sexually explicit activity, or be involved in sexually explicit materials. It is also an offense to transfer custody or control with intentions of promoting the engaging in sexually explicit activity or intent to promote rendering assistance by the minor to engage in explicit conduct.

Persons on either side of the alleged exchange could be looking at serious penalties. If you buy or offer to buy a child for the above purposes, you can be looking at a felony conviction. The penalties for selling or buying minors are extremely harsh. Get in touch with a lawyer immediately to learn more about how he or she can protect you or your loved one in the face of false accusations or serious criminal penalties.

Federal Penalties for Selling or Buying Children

The federal coseqeuences for selling or buying children are serious, and can include a very big fine, between 30 years and life in federal prison, sex offender registration for the rest of your life and perhaps more. Always deal with an attorney as early on in your journey as possible so that you can be prepared to fight to prove your innocence and protect your good name. Don’t allow false allegations to alter the course of the rest of your life. 


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