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Truck Accident Checklist

Safety should be your number-one priority. First make sure you are alright. Then, look over all the passengers in your in your truck if, there are any, to make sure no one is hurt. After that check on the person or people in the other vehicles. Watch out for traffic as you make your way to the other vehicle. After, making sure everyone is alright, move to a safe location. DO NOT LEAVE THE ACCIDENT SCENE. If, you have reflector or flares place them around the scene of the accident.

Call 911 to summon the appropriate emergency responder. An ambulance will take anyone who is in need of help to the nearest hospital. The local police department will make an objective report of the accident. A tow truck will remove any vehicles that cannot move on their own power.Collect information from the truck driver. Make sure you get all the vital information from the truck driver, about himself and the truck. If, the driver isn’t the owner of the truck, you will need the name, contact information, and insurer information for the truck owner and the truck driver’s employer.

Collect information from the police officers. Make sure you write down your incident report number, any police officers’ badge numbers, and the police department where the officers work.

Collect information from any witnesses. Make sure you get their names, phone numbers, and a description of what they saw. If, anyone took photographs, ask, if they can send you copies of the pictures.

If, you have a camera or cell phone with you, take photographs. Take as many pictures as possible. Take photos of anything, you think, is important to the accident. Make sure you take pictures of the damage to both vehicle and identifying makes.

Contact your insurance company, as soon as possible. If, you are unable to contact them have one else do it for you. You will need to file a claim with them so, you don’t have to pay so much out of pocket for; repairs to your vehicle and the/or the other vehicle; hospital or doctor bill, or a rental car. Most insurance companies will arrange for these services for you. They will also contact the trucking company about the accident so no important documents are lost. In locations like Los Angeles – truck accidents are very common. If you are the victim of an injury, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for help.

Remember if you are ever in an accident safety first. Be careful walking around the scene of an accident. Call 911 right away. Collect as much information from as many people as you can. Make sure you write down all that you can. Take photographs of all the important fact of the accident, trucks involved, and the surrounding area. And, contact your insurance company, as soon as possible.

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