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What Are New York’s New Gun Laws?

Last week, New York lawmakers approved new gun laws that are currently the strictest in the country. The new laws have several controversial provisions, which outrage many gun rights activists.

New York’s new gun laws, which are called the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, include:

– Banning possession of any high-capacity magazines. This ban will be enforced regardless of when the magazines were made or sold. The new law says that only clips that can hold up to seven rounds can be sold in New York. Residents can own magazines that hold up to 10 rounds, but there can’t be more than seven bullets loaded in a magazine at any time. Misdemeanor charges can be issued to anyone found in possession of a magazine with more than seven rounds.

– Requiring that ammunition dealers must now perform background checks, similar to the checks for gun buyers. Ammo dealers have to report all sales to the state.

– Requiring background checks for all gun sales, including those by private dealers, unless the sale is to a member of the seller’s immediate family.

– Requiring the creation of a registry of assault weapons. If a resident of New York already owns an assault weapon, they have to now register their guns with the state. The law also tightens the definition of an assault weapon, to include any weapon having only one feature of a military rifle.

– Requiring any therapist who thinks a mental health patient made a credible threat of harming others to report the threat to a director, who would report serious threats to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. The state could then take the patient’s guns.

New York’s new gun laws are very strict. It’s possible that gun enthusiasts may not be aware of the laws, or may choose to ignore them, which could result in criminal charges. Other New Yorkers could be aware of the new laws but could accidentally break them without realizing their mistake.

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