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What Are the Penalties for Child Abuse in New York City?

The penalties for child abuse in New York vary depending on the circumstances, including whether or not he or she has had previous convictions of child abuse. Recently, a bill was signed into law that allows a person to receive a harsher punishment if they have had a prior conviction of child abuse in the past 10 years. The old law allowed only a three year look back into an individual’s criminal record involving child abuse.

Under the new law, the penalties for child abusers are strengthened. The crime of intentionally injuring a child under the age of 11, if the person has prior convictions of child abuse, is now a felony, which carries a maximum four-year prison sentence. If a person doesn’t have prior convictions, the charge is a misdemeanor charge with a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

Child abuse is a horrible crime, and those people who commit child abuse should be punished. However, often the charges are false. In the middle of a heated divorce or custody fight, children are sometimes manipulated by one spouse. The effects can be devastating on the other parent and the children. It’s vitally important that the individual facing child abuse charges fight back. Once you have a child abuse conviction on your record, it can be difficult to live a normal life.

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