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What Can I Do if I Don’t Like My New York Public Defender?

Unfortunately, if you are assigned a public defender, and you don’t like the attorney or think the attorney is doing a good job, it can be very difficult to be assigned a new public defender.

In order to receive a new public defender, you must prove that your current public defender is incompetent to represent you. This is a very tough standard to meet. Public defenders are usually juggling a lot of cases at once, and in many cases they are relatively inexperienced attorneys. However, simply being overworked or inexperienced does not mean the attorney could be considered incompetent.
Instead of trying to get a new public defender (which can be virtually impossible) because you don’t like yours or don’t think yours is doing a good job, consider hiring your own private defense attorney.

Although you may think you can’t afford to hire a private attorney, in many cases you can’t afford not to hire a competent attorney who will thoroughly investigate your case and any possible defenses you may have. People with criminal records, even if the crime was minor, are increasingly having trouble with finding employment and a place to live.

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